Other bands and friends

A fabulous minge Mr Poirot......

Over the years there were many bands and half-failed attempts to be bands. However these bands below stood out. Feel free to check out the 2 links below - enjoy!

Of all the bands in the world, you had to come in to mine...

I played in 2 local bands in Bingen, with drummer Michael - Reload and Fake Dolls.

I also joined Rosalie, a band most promising, but I quit shortly before ever reaching a live stage. It gets an honary mention because it was simply a great band and the guys were great.

I also played with Bernie S. and Herbert in Crowe's Garden for a short while around 2005. This was a cool southern rock and blues band. We actually played live once in Ingelheim. Sadly the web page is no longer online.

Please click on the links to go for a good read and see some pictures...

Reload - 2002-2004

Fake Dolls (ex. Ph**house) - 2006-2009

Rosalie - Thin Lizzy Cover band - 2010