My first band in Bingen...

Once I moved to Bingen from Mönchengladbach I settled in and found a band thru new friends. RELOAD was the first version of a long partnership with my pal Michael, the drummer. Later we went with Fake Dolls (Phonhouse)

Reload - 2000-2003

Singer - Hans-Jürgen
Bass - Uli
Drums - Michael

To be honest I am not sure when this started. I found a few pics from a Rock Pub gig which were labelled '1999', but were they just mis-labelled? I am looking still...

With me being new in Bingen, and not knowing anyone, Michael invited Uli and HJ to put together a classic Hard Rock cover band. We had rehearsal room in an old mill and soon had a large program of popular songs you would hear on any rock radio show (in those days). From 'Born to be Wild' to 'Enter Sandman'. We had a lot of laughs and I learnt a lot. We played lots of small local gigs and even a few biker meetings in Horweiler. Sadly I have no more infos about those gigs and only a handful of photos have survived - I am still searching though...

Missing Gigs I remember doing:

Bingen - Live n' Art.
Bingen-Dietersheim - Dogs home - Dackelklub.
Birthday Party on the Nahe - LaLo.
2 x Horrweiler Bikerfest.
2 x Rock Pub, Cheapueu Claque - New Nobels.
Wutzfest mit Siggi und Freunde - twice?
Haus Dieter (Wimbuss) in Weiler.

I am still looking thru the pictures - hopefully I will find a few more of the others guys...
Please also feel free to take a look at the Fake Dolls - 2006-2009