The colours of purple

A fabulous tinge...

This page is a span of 3 purple cover bands between 2003 and 2012, hence the mixed page. It started with Mandrake Root, Cheap Turtle, which finally morphed into Purple Smoke. Alex and I were in all three. Feel free to check them out with the links below - Enjoy!

3 x Deep Purple tribute bands for the price of one!

I have played in several D.P tribute bands for quite a long time. Not because I am a Blackmore fan, and to be honest I am not really a fan-boy, but more because I was surrounded by some astounding muscians and absoulutly adorable characters. I finally gave up in 2012 due to my hands having wierd arthritis, yet more truthfully, I felt was getting too tired (old) for it all, year after year. Still, I had a fantastic time in all of these bands and today I miss it all of course!

Please click on the links to go for a good read and see some pictures...

Purple Smoke - 2010-2012

Cheap Turtle - 2008-2010

Mandrake Root - 2003-2007