The Fake Dolls!

Many laughs still echo around Bingen...

RELOAD had its fun in Bingen, but Reload just died out one day... I was still in Mandrake Root, but there was not a lot happening. One day my pal from Michael, the Reload drummer, called... and then it was time to party with the Fake Dolls (Ph*house).

Ph*house -> FakeDolls - 2006-2008

Singer - Pat Crowe
Singer - Sir Tobi
Bass - Ingo
Drums - Michael
Guitar - Frank at the Xmas Party 2006

Michael had started up a new band called Phonhouse in 2005. Rolf was the guitarist and Pat, Ingo and Tobi were in it too. However one day Rolf left and Michael called me. He said they had found another guitarist, Frank, but I could still join or at least help out. Being under worked in Mandrake, I said I would help out, but Frank left after the very first gig, leaving me stuck in the band - crafty Frank... ha!
It was a fair mix of classic rock, pop and modern grunge, which was still half in trend... This was fun, but we ran out of quality gigs and we went round and round on our never ending "Blow up your doll!" tour...

Why Phonhouse -> FakeDolls? Surely it was the same band? Well, after a cease and desist letter from the P**ouse company we were forced to change our name half way thru - we picked the 'Fake Dolls', but many pics show the old PH stage banner on the walls.

Please also feel free to take a look at Reload - 1999-2004

THE GIG LIST - oldest first

Dec 2006 - Xmas-Party with Frank in Oberwiesen
Nice to sit back and relax, knowing another guitarist is helping with the work ha!
17 March 2007 - New Nobels Bingen-Büdesheim
This was the old Rock Pub and Saturdays with the rednecks were quite busy.
31 March 2007 - Tachsche in Katzenelnbogen (Hessen)
I remember there was a long drive across the Hunsrück to get to this. A nice place but when we got there the locals just wanted to watch football (world cup?) lol! This has happened to me a few times...
14 April 2007 - Zur Linde in Wöllstein
Good gig - we were playing well now - in our stride... I am sure I met Alex on this night.
30 April 2007 'Hexennacht' in Route 66 - Haide (Kirchheimbolanden)
The place had a nice room at the rear and a lot of younger people came there just to chill out. Where else can they go in Haide? p.s. the food was good!
26 May 2007 - Im Biergarten Piegacki in Wöllstein
This was a wash-out! We had just finished the sound check outside and then the worst storm you can imagine suddenly hit us. Everyone and everything was soaked. The wind was so strong it blew my guitars off their stands. Someone's God did not want us to play. We waited for hours but it did not stop, and of course nobody came. We gave up.
30 May 2007 - in Route 66 - Haide (Kirchheimbolanden)
I am sure this was the 2nd time here and the dates confirm that on the pics. It was a standard pup gig infront of a few people as usual. This time being very quiet.
06 July 2007 - Alzey Kneipennacht im 'Meyers' CafeBar
This was a great party - lots of revellers!
14 July 2007 - Oberwiesen Sommerfest
The summer gigs here were always in July and were terribly hot and humid. There was no wind at all.
13 Oct 2007 - New Nobels Bingen-Büdesheim Nachkerb
The pub was full - all the rednecks come out for the Nachkerb...
26 Oct 2007 - Rheinnahe Biker Party am Bingenbahnhof
If you drive up the small approach road to Bingen HB you will see a set of Bahn garages on the left, just 10 meters before you get to the roundabout to take you back out. The stripper wore my guitar strap.
24 Nov 2007 - Welgesheim - Ingo's 40th
This was a good-spirited family party! Marcel, his son, came on stage and we did a couple of Metallica songs - great!
01 Dec 2007 - Frauen Rock Appenheim (ohne Tobi) with 'B9-To Hell' and 'Not-a-Fred?'
Bernie S. had organised a girl-only-band-night and he was simply one band short. He thought of our Pat as she had sung with Crowe's Garden once and asked me if she was interested - without Tobi of course. Well, Tobi being a good sport agreed and we did an hour of girl-band rock musik, which went very well. I wore a Scotish kilt (kilt or skirt EN = Rock DE). That felt stupid later...
22 Dec 2007 - X-mas Rock am Weiher in Oberwiesen
Back in the nice hall again. Lovely folk there - very accomodating.
17 July 2008 - Oberwiesen Sommerfest
Oh the heat again... Sweating and sweating...
23 Aug 2008 - Aspiheim
Nice hall - fun gig and a nice stage! The pictures were no good though...
04 October 2008 - Landesgartenschau in Bingen
This was the biggest stage we were ever on. It was October and freezing. We added Satriani's Sommer Song, which was ironic with the lack of Summer! The fields on the banks of the Rhein in the park were empty for miles. It was the largest empty space any band could ever play to, but we had signed a contract to play, so there we were.
08 November 2008 - Grolsheim-Nahelandhalle
November is usually a good time for a X-mas party and this was full of bikers and rednecks! Fun!
20 Jan 2009 - Palazzo Bingen
At least that is the date on my picture... I had a bad feeling about this. This place is known for its dubious drug-fuelled kiddy disco's and sad Ecstasy statistics - it never had oldie rock events.
I was right. We were horribly wrong there. Only a few kids came and it is a big empty place too. They ignored us from a distance or even gave us the middle finger. It was the end of the road for me. I had enough. I was now a sonic granddaddy, so I quit.