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I have added a few useful tools I use for my DAW - enjoy!


November 22 2020

Ever opened up a drum midi file and the drums are playing the wrong sounds? Like you hit a cymbal and get a wooden block? Well, that is because each vendor is using different midi notes for their own drum instruments, which is no problem. In your DAW you can re-map each drum to play the expected notes. I have done lots of these, but it gets tedious if you have several drum VSTs and the output is still stored in the original file format - so sending it to a friend would not work for him if he did not have the same drum VST and your midi re-mapping file. So I wrote this to transpose selected midi notes from one VST drum format to another and store each result in a new .mid file. Yes, a midi drum converter! I made transposer templates for AD2, GM, MT2, SSD, and SD3 formats (which includes EZdrummer too I guess…). It makes it really nice just to transpose a few sample midi files to hear how it sounds in your best (preferred) drum VST.

Here is Midi Transposer v1 for FREE! Mail me if you find anything odd. Read the help pdf (launch button is in the program) and test a few beats from the example midi folder within. Terms and conditions are in the help.pdf file and in the program itself.

Download link: Use for FREE: MidiTransposer V1

I will also post my Studio One midi drum maps later this week as well as any tweaks to the transposer files.

I will be tracking the first ever home-recording song in the next few weeks. I wrote it 2 years ago and forgot how to play it (ha!). I recorded the bass guitar last week. It sounds oddly good...

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