And then there was sound...

I have added a few useful tools I wrote for my DAW - enjoy!


November 20 2022

Ever opened up a drum midi file and the drums are playing the wrong sounds? Like you hit a cymbal and get a wooden block? Well, that is because each vendor is using different midi notes for their own drum instruments, which is no problem. In your DAW you can re-map each drum to play the expected notes. I have done lots of these, but it gets tedious if you have several drum VSTs and the output is still stored in the original file format - so sending it to a friend would not work for him if he did not have the same drum VST and your midi re-mapping file. So I wrote this to transpose selected midi notes from one VST drum format to another and store each result in a new .mid file. Yes, a midi drum converter! I made transposer templates for AD2, GM, MT2, SSD, and SD3 formats (which includes EZdrummer too I guess…). It makes it really nice just to transpose a few sample midi files to hear how it sounds in your best (preferred) drum VST.

Here is Midi Transposer 2 - 2022 for FREE! Mail me if you find anything odd. Read the help (launch button is in the program) and test a few beats from the example midi folder within.

Download link: Use for FREE: MidiTransposer V2 2022

I have included my Studio One midi drum maps too.

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